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3 Years-5 Years

Full Day Hours 6:45am-6pm

 1/2 Day  M-W-F &/or T-TH 

3 Year 8:45am-12:15pm

4 Year 9am-12:30pm

Extended Day Enrichment Program 12:15-2:45

1/2 Day Summer Camp

M/W/F 8:45am-12:30pm

This is a time that education provides for the optimal development of children.  It does not mean formal teaching from text books.  It does not mean taking the child away from his mother.  It means that parents and teachers cooperate in providing the best possible environment for the growth and development of young children.  A good program of Preschool education considers the whole child-his physical, mental, and social welfare.  In Country Kids’ full day program you will find the perfect balance of nurturing and educational experiences.  The personal touch is of  importance. Your child will feel secure in the care of our teachers, but not too dependent upon them.  Your child is entitled to an opportunity to grow and develop under the most favorable conditions.  Your preschooler will be exposed to good and beautiful things.

Young Kids in Class

In the Loop

Your input is vital to understand you child in the context of his family.  Your beliefs, culture, family structure, how you discipline, what your preschooler like and dislikes, his strengths and weaknesses, and your expectations all come into play and individualized daily program for your preschooler.  Your participation is welcome.  Planned individual conferences and an email system are just a few of the times our teachers communicate with you to create an environment of cooperation.

Educational Component

Country Kids follows the Connecticut Framework curriculum inclusive of personal/social, cognitive, physical, creative expressions domains (a detailed explanation can be found on our Curriculum & Assessment page).  Learning centers such as reading, art, science, computer, block building, and writing create an atmosphere of exploration and critical thinking.  Physical activities are made easy with their own playground and indoor gym.  Your child will be given a foundation of aesthetic and cultural experiences to enrich his life.  He will listen to good music and have a opportunity to make his own, allowing him to experiment with sound and rhythm.  Country Kids will provide him with beautiful childlike pictures, books, and literature.  In the full day program there is time to reinforce fitting into a social group, sharing, accepting disappointment, and accepting the consequences for actions.  Your child will leave Country Kids showing an eager interest in the world around him, free from unnecessary fears and inhibitions.

Preschool Goals

Country Kids believes that early childhood teaching is a continuous process of planning and observing.  Teachers plan activities that help children learn.  As teachers observe, they learn about the children and can plan new activities and teaching strategies to challenge the children even further.  This is the process of “intentional” teaching-a process in which teachers think carefully about what they do and why they do it.  Country Kids bases it curriculum on The Connecticut Preschool Curriculum Framework, which is the model for intentional teaching. 

Schedule Options

Full Day

Country Kids’ Full Day Nursery School Program is located at our main Country Kids facility.  

  •  6:45am-6pm Year Round

  •  Breakfast, Hot Lunch, & Morning/Afternoon Snacks Served

  •  Low Teacher/Student Ration (21-3)

  • Extra-Circular Activities Such as Swim Lessons at The Aquatic Club & Dance Classes

1/2 Day

Country Kids’ 1/2 Day Nursery School Program is located at their secondary Kids Club facility located right down the road. 

3yr Old’s:

  •  M-W-F &/or T-TH  8:45am-12:15pm

  •  September-June

  •  Morning Snack Provided

  •  Extended Day Enrichment Program Offered (12:15pm - 2:45pm)

  •  Extra-Circular Activities Such as Swim Lessons at The Aquatic Club


4yr Old’s:

  •  M-W-F &/or T-TH 9am-12:30pm

  •  September-June

  •  Morning Snack Provided

  •  Extended Day Enrichment Program Offered (12:30pm - 2:45pm)

  • Extra-Circular Activities Such as Swim Lessons at The Aquatic Club

Extended Day

Enrichment Program

Offered for 1/2 Day Preschool Programs 12:15pm - 2:45pm

“Read It Again!” This is the plea when a child and a story connect.  A good teacher knows by the giggles, the signs, the absolute stillness, and by the way the children inch closer that a book is a “read-it-again” story.  The love of a good story, the classic ones, the humorous ones, the sad tales, the tall tales, the chants and rhymes that get stuck in our heads, along with the bold graphics, the weepy watercolors, the muted charcoals, and the funny cartoons are the reasons children shout, “Read it Again!”. Knowing our young children’s love of good stories, our Preschool Enrichment Program, will use Story Stretchers (a method that furthers the learning process by incorporating the Art Center, Library Corner, Math & Manipulatives, Music, and Dramatic Play in reference to the story) as a means to extend that enthusiasm and connect children’s literature to exciting activities.

This exciting program will:

  •  Provide an opportunity to extend the wonderful learning activities that the children experience in our morning programs.

  •  Help children make connections between the literature they will be “reading” and the story stretching activities in which they will be participating.

  •  Provide an environment where children grow to love books, poems, jokes, riddles, and songs.

  •  Help children develop an appreciation of more varied types of literature.

  •  Foster a love of literature and learning

  • Allow your child to extend their day having fun, making new friends, and exploring great books.

Blonde Boy Reading

Preschool Summer Camp



 Choose your weeks - minimum of 2 weeks

 Lunch included

 Swimming each day

 Air conditioned facility

Kids in Preschool

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know Country Kids is the personal place for my preschooler?

Q: Which curriculum approach do you use? 

A: Our curriculum is Connecticut Frameworks which addresses social/emotional, cognitive, physical and creative/aesthetic development.


Q: How is that a personal approach to my child’s learning? 

A: Connecticut Frameworks recognizes the whole child, and that each child meets milestones at different times.  It is an approach to learning that is individualized by observation and intentional teaching—we teach something for a reason, and that reason is your child. Q: Does that encompass an assessment of my child’s abilities? A: Your child will have a one on one academic assessment twice each year, along with daily observations of each child.


Q: How is my child’s family information important? 

A: You cannot teach the whole child without learning everything about him.  The information you give us is vital.


Q: How do the teachers communicate with me? 

A: Each teacher is available to speak to you daily in person , telephone or e-mail to update you.  Formal conferences are twice a year, or any time you would like to speak privately to a teacher.


Q: Will my child be “ready” for Kindergarten? 

A: Your child will be introduced, through play, projects and instruction to all the academics needed for Kindergarten.


Q: What will I see in your preschool room? 

A: You will see a classroom rich with exploratory materials, computers, and samples of your child’s work.  You will see clear areas set up for art, science, writing, block building, reading, dramatic play and sensory.


Q: But my child is so young, who will nurture him when I am at work?  

A: The emotional well-being of your child comes first and foremost.  As many of our staff are mothers also, they understand “treat them like your own”.

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