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Sleeping Baby


Full Time Hours 6:45am-6pm

6 weeks-14 months

Caring for your baby is one of the most important things our caregivers will ever do.  Your baby will have a caregiver who will respond quickly to crying, and show delight with spending time with your baby.  Your baby will be held when drinking a bottle, and will be tickled, laughed with, cuddled, and rocked.  As a result, your baby will feel safe and secure  and have trust in the world.  Your baby will learn self-importance and the ability to count on others, plus learn how to regulate and communicate their emotions. Tummy time with their caregiver promotes reaching and stretching their core muscle strength along with crawling, rolling, and climbing.


In the Loop

A parent’s input is a vital component in your child’s day.  Communication between you and your caregiver will result in shared goals and your child developing to their greatest potential.  Through you we learn about your child’s likes and dislikes, sleeping and eating patterns, and how your baby needs to be comforted.  We use this knowledge to assess how best to meet your child’s needs.  Our open-door policy allows you to come breast feed or visit, and at the end of every day you will receive your baby’s daily report explaining everything that has happened during his/her day.

Language Development

For those children who experience more than one language, their lessons take place in the universal language of human interaction

Educational Component

Remember that your child’s first relationships form the foundation for future relationships.  We realize all this interaction with your baby is important because we know that how a brain develops hinges on complex interplay between genes you are born with and experiences you have.  Early experiences have a decisive impact on the architecture of the brain, and on the nurture and extent of adult capacities.  Early interactions don’t just create context, they also directly affect the way the brain is “wired”.

Baby with Toys

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know Country Kids is the

personal place for my baby?

Q: Is the teacher to child ratio lower than four children to one caregiver? 

A: Country Kids has a three to one ratio.


Q: Can I bring my own breast milk? 

A: Yes. Provisions are also made for frozen breast milk.


Q: Will my baby be held to feed? 

A: Yes.  All bottles are given by a caregiver in a rocking chair.


Q: Will my baby have his own crib? 

A: Yes., and does not share with other babies.

Q: Are the teachers First/Aid and CPR trained?  

A: Yes.


Q: How are the toys cleaned?  

A: Any toy that goes into a child’s mouth is put into a bleach and water solution.


Q: Can I call during the day to see how my baby is doing?  

A: Absolutely.  Any time.


Q: How am I informed about what my child did every day?  

A: You will receive a daily written report, and your caregiver will be happy to talk to you over the phone or in person each day.


Q: How often does my baby get fresh air?  

A: We believe that fresh air is important to your child’s health.  We will consider the heat, wind chill and inclement weather.


Q: Can I visit anytime? 

A: We have an open-door policy.


Q: Is there tummy time?  

A: Every child has tummy time every day.


Q: Does my baby get read to/sung to/talked to with eye contact?  

A: This is imperative in our care of your baby.


Q: What is my baby’s schedule?  

A: Your baby will have her own schedule when they join us.  As your baby gets older, and needs change, so will her schedule.


Q: What happens when my baby becomes mobile? 

A: We have a separate  mobile infant room for those babies who have begun to walk. 


Q: I am so nervous about leaving my child with a stranger who won’t know what to do when my baby cries.  Will he be crying in a crib because the caregivers are too busy to comfort him?  

A: Never. Even the office staff is on hand to assist if necessary.

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