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Country Kids

About Us


Our Story

In 1983, Rosanne Keller and Pat Bossio were working mothers struggling to balance the responsibilities of their complex lives-raising their families, running the house holds, and holding down jobs.

When Rosanne and Pat looked at child care centers, they found little more then babysitting services.  They wanted a childcare center where their children would be

encouraged to grow, develop, and have fun.  Most importantly, they wanted a childcare center they could trust. In August 1988, Country Kids was opened.  The impressive 15,000 square foot facility was fully equipped for childcare.  Programming was expanded to include greater variety of programs, including: before and after school, preschool, and summer camp.  Enrollment increased to over 250 children.


In May 2000, in was time to expand once again.  Country Kids built their secondary facility, Kids Club.  While the Country Kids building is home to the Infant, Toddler, and Full Day Preschool programs, Kids Club is home to the 1/2 Day Preschool, Kindergarten, Before & After school, Summer Camp, and their affiliate swim school, The Aquatic Club of Brookfield.

Today, Country Kids still provides the highest quality of childcare in the area...and always will!

Mission Statement

The mission of Country Kids Play Farm, Inc. is to be a support system for families; to appreciate, celebrate, and educate children;

and create an environment where staff, parents, and the

community work together to provide all the pieces for a happy, healthy childhood.

Philosophy & Goals


The philosophy of Country Kids Play Farm, Inc. is to provide a positive, cheerful, and creative learning experience in which children develop into self-disciplined, confident, and seek to allow children to gain increased awareness of themselves and of the world; to help them appreciate the outdoors; and to help support them in learning about the processing in a variety of activities and skills that are focused to enhance personal, physical, cognitive, and creative skills.  Through varied and flexible programs, we provide opportunities for children to be challenged physically, while having fun, to learn positive social skills in an age appropriate group, and to create and experiment with new ideas while respecting others.  We strive to adjust our programs to the age, capabilities, cultures, and interests of each child so the he/she feels secure and accomplished.


  •  To provide developmentally appropriate opportunities for meaningful play based on the child’s individual needs, interests, and abilities, building important foundations for future reading skills and other academic pursuits.

  •  Provide opportunities to interact with other children in a setting conducive to the development of wholesome social relationships.

  •  Recognize the individual differences of children; provide an environment encouraging children’s self-confidence, curiosity, creativity, and self-discipline.

  • Support parents in the care and development of their children to include education, health, recreation, referrals to family support programs, and diagnostic services.

The CK Curriculum

The Country Kids Curriculum Caters to the Personal Touch

What is Creative Curriculum?

There are a number of principles from which the development of the Preschool Creative Curriculum emanates. The following are the guiding principles: Early learning and development are multidimensional; developmental domains are highly interrelated.  The domains are Personal and Social Development, Physical Development, Cognitive Development, and Creative Expression/Aesthetic Development.


Young children are capable and competent-There should be high expectations for your child, regardless of their backgrounds and experience. There are individual differences in rates of development among children.  Your child is unique in the rate of his/her growth and development of skills and competencies.  In addition, your child is raised in a cultural context that may affect the approach that the teacher uses with your child. 


Children will exhibit a range of skills and competencies in any domain of development.  All children should not be expected to arrive at each benchmark at the same time or master each skill to the same degree of proficiency. Families are the primary caregivers and educators for their children.  Families should be aware of goals and experiences that will be provided for the children and expectations for your child’s performance by the end of the preschool year.  Staff and families work together to ensure that your child will be provided the optimal learning experience.  Our program will provide families with the information they need to support your child's learning and development. Knowledge of child growth and development and consistent expectations are essential to maximizing educational experiences.  With this knowledge staff members can make sound decisions about appropriate curriculum for the group and your child as an individual.


Young children learn through active exploration of their environment through child-initiated and teacher-selected activities.  Our classroom will provide opportunities for your child to explore materials and engage in concrete activities, and to interact with peers and adults in order to construct their own understanding about the world around them.

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